About Bryant Kite

Bryant Kite was an incredible young man who was a loyal friend, a dedicated brother, and a loving son. Bryant had a huge heart, and he always took the time to make every person in his life feel special. He lived his filled with the people he loved, and he treated everyone with equal respect.

Bryant Kite was a leader and a stand up person, even when others around him were not. He was a young man of integrity and character, and keeping his word was a lifestyle for him. Even in the darkest of times, he was the light we were drawn to for help and support.

Bryant was an extremely driven person. Whether it was school where he was a National Honor Society student, baseball where he was the starting first basemen, playing guitar, or riding a skateboard, once he set his mind to doing something, it was as good as done. There is no better example of this than when he watched his sister Kristina ride a bike without training wheels and decided he wanted to do the same. After many crashes and skinned elbows and knees, he was flying around on his bike just like her.

Bryant was very focused on his future, and his room was filled with little sayings of how to maximize your potential and be a better person. He was a dedicated worker, and no matter how much was asked of him, he never complained. He always bowed up and rose to the occasion.

Bryant knew that it's the quality of one's life that is important, not the quantity. That is why in 17 years, he lived as full a life and touched as many people as someone in their 80's.

On July 12, 2007 Bryant, 17, a senior at Cordova High was killed in a one-vehicle wreck after losing control of his truck.


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